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At the start of every round, the bot asks for a specific "meal."

Collect the required flavour modules from the module containers and bring them to the bin next to the table. Some containers carry harmful modules.

You can collect harmful modules instead of the flavour modules, but only if the bot isn't looking at you! If you are caught picking up a harmful module, the bot will destroy its container and it will not be accessible until the next round.

Once you've collected all the modules you need (flavour and/or harmful), interact with the board on the countertop in the middle of the room to switch to the board view.

In the board view: Select the modules you want to place and then select the slot you want to place them in. Modules can only attach to slots of their own size.

Each recipe is made up of one large, one medium, and one small module. You can replace any flavour module by a harmful module of the same size in order to damage the bot.

Feeding the bot a meal with no harmful modules at all will heal it, so be careful not to get caught picking up harmful modules or you will be forced to complete the recipe using its proper flavour modules!

Feed the bot enough harmful modules to defeat it and win.

  • Arrow keys or WASD to move
  • Alt to dash
  • Spacebar to pickup & interact
  • Mouse and left mouse button to add modules to board


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macOS – Apple Silicon 43 MB
macOS – Intel 45 MB
Windows 46 MB

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