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Unlike previous years with Game Baking, I’d like to dedicate this one to making just one big game, but there’s a twist! Every single aspect of this game, from the genre, to the mechanics, to the aesthetics – every. single. decision. – will be made by YOU, my viewers and subscribers! It’s a group project!

Introducing: Game Baking Together!

The goal of this project is to have a completed, polished game by the end of the year that we can publish and sell on Steam. This means that you would be playing a big part in the success of this game!

BUT WAIT, there’s more! I want this game to truly feel like it was built by all of you – like it’s something that you can consider as your own and be proud of, so I thought that maybe some incentives might help nudge you towards being a regular part of the game’s development: In addition to appearing in the game’s credits and being mentioned in the monthly update videos, every single contributor will be given the opportunity to receive revenue from the game! A part of the NET revenue – this means after processing fees and the cut that Steam takes – will be equally distributed among all the people who were involved in major decisions and contributions made to the game.

Of course, there will be some legal mumbo-jumbo to go over, but we can do that in person through Discord once the decisions start coming in.

Every month, I’ll be posting one or more polls on my Discord and whatever options win will become an official contribution to the game. Every person that voted on the winning options will be marked as a contributor and be added to the list. I will also be hosting regular brainstorming sessions on Discord exclusively with &REWDAVID+ Subscribers – my patrons – where I discuss potential ideas and take your feedback into consideration – everyone that contributes an idea during those sessions that ends up being used will also be added to the contributors list.

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